Aux Quatre Bonniers


The city of Liège is the most important tourist destination in Wallonia (the French speaking part of Belgium). No wonder, because this city has a lot of surprises waiting to be discovered. The charming districts and the ever present river Meuse give the city its exceptional character.

Some highlights are…

  • Coeur Historique: the historic center of town is a maze of small streets and dead ends. Don’t forget to climb he stairs of Bueren: 300 steps leading up to the citadel.
  • Les jardins de la Citadelle are gardens and parks on the hills of the citadel with a wonderful view on the river.
  • Passage Lemmonier is an art nouveau (covered) shopping street.
  • Looking for more shopping opportunities? There’s a pedestrian shopping area in the centre of town, around the cathedral. Médiacité is an indoor shopping centre.
  • Place Saint Lambert and Place du Marché are great hangouts with many restaurants.
  • Lots of musea are dotted around town: the Aquarium, the Musée de la vie Walonne, the Grand Curtius, and a museum for contemporary art to name but a few.
  • The futuristic station of Liège Guillemins by Santiago Calatrava is a modern landmark that is not to be missed.
  • La Batte is the longest market in the world, stretching out along the banks of the river La Meuse.