Aux Quatre Bonniers

Land of Herve

The Land of Herve is a region that consists of six municipalities. It is located between the rivers Vesdre and Meuse and is dominated by orchards and hedges, fields and streams, and a picturesque rolling countryside.

Some highlights are…

  • The Abbey of Val Dieu: go there to visit its park, the brewery of regional abbey beer, an old bakery mill, and for nice walks along the river the Berwinne.
  • The Brewery of Aubel: right at the heart of the land of Herve, this spot also has a regional market on Tuesday and Sunday.
  • The American Cemetery: set foot on US territory while in Belgium, in this silent place with beautiful views over the land of Herve.
  • The hamlets Gelivaux, Saint- Hadelin- Soiron, Forêt, Thimister-Clermont: idyllic villages that are full of charm.