Aux Quatre Bonniers


Land of Herve

The Land of Herve is a region that consists of six municipalities. It is located between the rivers Vesdre and Meuse and is dominated by orchards and hedges, fields and streams, and a picturesque rolling countryside. Some highlights are… The Abbey of Val Dieu: go there to visit its park, the brewery of[…]

Land of the Springs

Our region is known for its springs (“sources” in French). Discover the natural bounty and even the healing powers of these spring waters in places such as… Spa: an Art nouveau town with cosy shops and restaurants, thermal baths and many springs. The Domain of Berinzenne has a panoramic tower Go to[…]


The city of Liège is the most important tourist destination in Wallonia (the French speaking part of Belgium). No wonder, because this city has a lot of surprises waiting to be discovered. The charming districts and the ever present river Meuse give the city its exceptional character. Some highlights are… Coeur Historique: the historic center[…]