Aux Quatre Bonniers

Land of the Springs

Our region is known for its springs (“sources” in French). Discover the natural bounty and even the healing powers of these spring waters in places such as…

  • Spa: an Art nouveau town with cosy shops and restaurants, thermal baths and many springs.
  • The Domain of Berinzenne has a panoramic tower
  • Go to the Lake of Warfaaz for some fun on the water (rent a paddle boat or just relax on the terraces).
  • Chaudfontaine: home to the eponymous water, and to hot water springs.
  • Banneux is a town renowned for its Maria pilgrimage, but it also has a nice park and spring.
  • Tancrémont is known for its rice tartes.
  • Theux is a small town that boasts its own castle, Franchimont.